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    Who We Are

     Jay Maloney

   Mike Sussman

Mike Sussman

Raised in the woods of northern Maine, Mike's active pursuit of sailing didn't start in earnest until the summer of 2000, when he sailed the eastern seaboard aboard a traditional schooner. In the following years, when he wasn't attending college he spent as much time as he could on his father's gaff-rigged boat on East Grand Lake, sailing in the local regatta and simply enjoying the summers on the water. The summer of 2004 was spent sailing the west coast on a steel brigantine. While the voyage reinforced Mike's interest in sailing, the summer also filled his thoughts with the history of sailing ships, which led to reading too many Patrick O'Brian novels and writing a thesis on medieval navigation.

Since Mike started working at Maloney Marine Rigging, he has hesitantly embraced the advances made in rigging technology and accepted the fact that lighter can be stronger and safer. However, such technological advances have not stopped him from exploring possible advances using older techniques.

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